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Timberland -

Store Timberland in our gallery is closed since 25.07.2022. Beneath you’ll find informations about addresses of another stores in the closest neighbourhood.

ul. Chorzowska 107
40-101 Katowice

ul. Orląt Lwowskich 138
41-208 Sosnowiec

List of Carry stores is available on website: https://e-timberland.pl/salony

Another stores with similar assortment you’ll find in Footwear and leather goods.

Comfort, durability. Unique design. In the DNA of the brand since the inception of Timberland. Since the first attempts and presentations of the iconic 10061 dedicated to hard-working people for whom comfort is a priority.

The story of Timberland is a story of unique designs. Distinctive shapes, systems that guarantee full comfort. For people who value quality. Urban conquerors and those who are not afraid to push the boundaries.

It is an answer about responsibility. Not only for the product. Also for the environment and workplaces. Recycled materials, supervision of factories, local assistance, CSR activities. When buying products signed with the famous tree, you do not have to have any doubts.

Choosing boots, sneakers, a jacket or t-shirt, looking for waterproof shoes for your child – you can be sure. Quality, great looks. Timberland becomes part of your own story. It’s up to you to make it your own.

You can find clothing, footwear and accessories bearing the famous tree in Timberland stores and at www.timberland.pl.