TU I TERAZ [HERE AND NOW] stage on the top floor of Galeria Katowicka is a space where theatre meets the city. Here, in the place of doing things, we want to talk about everyday matters – private and public, local and global. We want to discuss through performances, workshops, debates, meetings, readings, discussions.

The stage is a place of co-operation between the Theatre and associations, laboratories, urban movements, common rooms, groups – a space for common projects, a sphere where we can meet with the emphasis on art and strictly theatrical activity.

Journalism, but juxtaposed with the sensitivity of artists, the artistry of actors, the vision of the director and the imagination of the playwright. Current issues, but evoked by the play, passed through the theatre. Discussions, but on stage and in the audience, when the boundary is blurred.

Theatre is probably the last place on Earth where we meet face to face, without a glass barrier and without intermediaries – creator and recipient. On the stage of HERE AND NOW we put special emphasis on this “face to face” meeting.