Parking is open 24 hours a day, the first hour is free, each subsequent hour is PLN 4. Parking is ticketless – system uses license plates to identify vehicle. You will see the gate lift as soon as you approach the entry, no tickets to pick up and no stops of any kind. When you are up to leave you need to paid your stay in the parking meter and then the barrier will let you out without slowing down.

When buying a ticket for the screening ask the cashier for the 6h of free parking. All you need is to remember your license plate’s number.


Parking meters are located on both levels of the car park, at the entrances to Galeria Katowicka. Please pay before you leave. Payment can be made by cash or card in the parking machine located in sector A1 (exit from the Multikino). If necessary, car park attendants are at your disposal and you can contact them via the hands-free device installed in the parking meters.


Parking office in Galeria Katowicka / APCOA
tel.: (32) 414 17 24


Spaces dedicated for parking of single-track vehicles i.e. bicycles, scooters, motorbikes, scooters, etc. are located in the following locations:

  • * External parking – free unguarded:
    at the main entrance to the Shopping Centre from 3-go Maja Street, next to Maria and Lech Kaczyński Square next to Pocztowa Street
  • * Indoor parking – unguarded payable:
    underground car park on level -2 sector C5, next to the APCOA car park office

Before using the bicycle park, please read carefully the regulations available on this website.

Multikino Katowice


For Multikino customers, we offer 6 hours of free parking. Take your parking ticket with you and show it to the cinema staff when buying a ticket for the screening. Parking spaces located closest to the elevator leading to Multikino are located in sectors A1 on level -2 and E1 on level -3.

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Biela Auto Spa Katowice

BIELA Auto Spa

For customers of BIELA Auto Spa, we offer 6 hours of free parking. All you have to do is hand over the car to specialists from the showroom and ask for an extension to this limit.

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Additional information

Parking spaces for families with children are located on each level of the underground car park, in two locations:

  • next to the entrance to the Gallery by TK Maxx shop (level -2, level -3)
  • next to the entrance to the Gallery by Carrefour store (level -2, level -3)

There are 4 dedicated parking spaces on each level, marked by green infill paving and a centrally positioned “Families with Children” pictogram.

Belonging to GreenWay Polska Sp. z o.o., the Delta charger is a fast charging station that enables three vehicles to be charged simultaneously: two with direct current (DC) and one with alternating current (AC). Charging a 20-40 kW battery takes a maximum of 40 minutes, depending on the charge level and battery capacity. Delta allows the charging of all electric vehicles compliant with the standards: CHAdeMO, CCS and AC Type-2, which practically means all brands of electric cars on the market. Depending on the station configuration, the first two standards allow direct current (DC) charging – i.e. fast charging up to 50 kW, and the last standard allows alternating current (AC) charging – i.e. slower, up to 22 kW.

Knowing the parameters of your vehicle, you can calculate the charging time, using the following formula:

Charging time = battery capacity / charging power

WWW: greenwaypolska.pl
T: +48 58 325 10 17

The underground car park of Galeria Katowicka can be accessed from Słowackiego Street or from both sides of the tunnel on Dworcowa Street.

Directly from level -3 you can exit onto Dworcowa Street in the direction of Kościuszki Street, while from level -2 of Galeria Katowicka you can exit onto Mikołowska Street or Słowackiego Street.

It is possible to travel between levels.

To enter the car park, use the lift located in the hall of the railway station behind the ticket offices or located in the central part of the bus station. The lift can be used to access both levels of the mall car park: -2 (green car park) and -3 (blue car park).

To exit the car park after closing the gallery, you need to go to the appropriate staircase, where there is a lift leading to the train station hall on level 0 and to the bus station area on level -1. On level -2 it is a staircase in sector B6, to which a green walkway on the floor leads, on level -3 it is a staircase in sector F6, to which a blue walkway leads

Galeria Katowicka has 1200 parking spaces located on two levels of underground parking marked in green (level -2) and blue (level -3).

Above each parking space, there are lights which indicate its availability by colour. A green lamp indicates an unoccupied space, a red lamp indicates an occupied space, while a blue lamp indicates a space for the disabled.

The permitted height for vehicles in the car park is 2 m.

Both levels -2 and -3 are open 7 days a week, 24 hours a day.

Access to level -2 is possible from Słowackiego Street and the tunnel on Dworcowa Street (from Mikołowska Street).

Access to level -3 is possible from the tunnel on Dworcowa Street (from the side of Kościuszki Street).

The Kiss&Ride parking spaces are intended for short-term parking of vehicles dropping off or picking up loved ones at Galeria Katowicka Shopping Centre.

Kiss&Ride parking spaces are located in three locations in the underground car park, on level -2:

  • opposite the entrance to the Gallery, next to the Carrefour store,
  • opposite the entrance to the Gallery, by the TK Maxx shop,
  • at the entrance to the staircase leading to the railway station.

The sites are marked by pink pavement infill and a centrally located “Kiss&Ride” pictogram.

Please read the Terms and Conditions for the use of Kiss&Ride parking spaces.

For all those who are planning a longer trip and want to leave their car in a safe place, we have a great solution. In the underground car park of Galeria Katowicka you can park your car for any number of days.

The fee for parking up to 7 days is a maximum of PLN 120. Details of the length of parking and fees can be found above – parking subscriptions.

Choose the subscription best suited to your needs.

Subscription plans available:

  • PLN 120.00 7-day subscription
  • PLN 240.00 subscription up to 2 weeks
  • PLN 360.00 subscription up to 3 weeks
  • PLN 450.00 monthly subscription

This offer is for both private individuals and businesses.

If you are interested in purchasing a subscription plan, please contact the Car Park Service Office.

Are you cycling and need to inflate a wheel or tighten a screw? At Galeria Katowicka you will find a self-service bicycle repair station equipped with the necessary tools.

The station is located at Maria and Lech Kaczyński Square on the side of Pocztowa Street, next to the bicycle stands. The station is equipped with, among other tools: a screwdriver, a set of Allen keys, a spanner, an adjustable spanner, a tyre lever, a pump and a brake wedge.

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