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With more than 34,000 locations in 98 countries, the SUBWAY® brand is the largest sandwich franchise and has become a leader in international growth in the quick-service restaurant industry.

With the opening of SUBWAY® restaurant on a Middle Eastern Bahraini-owned island in December 1984, the brand went outside the United States for the first time.

Wherever SUBWAY® restaurants are set up, the main menu remains basically the same – with some cultural exceptions and religious variations. Foreigners can expect the same quality ingredients no matter what country they visit. Enjoy a 30-cm turkey breast sandwich and a selection of different vegetables and additives served on bread baked in a restaurant in Jamaica, then fly to New Zealand and order the same 30-cm turkey breast sandwich!

Our aim, in every SUBWAY® restaurant, is to offer a high quality product that is specially prepared, according to your taste. Your SUBWAY® sandwich is freshly made to your order and exactly the way you want it. Bread is baked on site, in the restaurant, throughout the day. Fresh vegetables are purchased from local suppliers, and the wide selection of meats is complemented by a range of our special sauces and condiments. Every order is prepared right before your eyes.