RTV EURO AGD – a shop of great opportunities

We are a nationwide chain of specialised shops offering consumer electronics and home appliances. As the market leader, we provide a wide selection of high quality products of well-known brands. We sell stationary and through the largest online shop with electronics euro.com.pl

Modern equipment is our strength

At RTV EURO AGD you will find modern equipment that will provide entertainment for the whole family, facilitate contact, develop passions, encourage physical activity, help in studies, furnish home and even equip office. We are keeping our finger on the pulse to introduce technological novelties as soon as possible.

Low price is not everything

You can always count on attractive prices, promotions and discounts, but this is not our only asset. We offer much more – professional technological advice and practical services.

Always at your service

We want technology to be available everywhere and for everyone. To make shopping and using any equipment as easy as possible, we have developed a wide range of services:

  • transport, lifting, professional installation and collection of used equipment during a single visit at the customer’s convenience – we employ only certified specialists with the appropriate authorisations;
  • in-store services (phone and laptop configuration, software installation, smart TV support, smartphone screen protection with protective film);
  • possibility to use low-cost telephone subscriptions with large data packages
  • Zeroraty (0% interest rate, no proof of income, no down payment, deferment of the first instalment, instant credit decision);
  • insurance products, e.g. Extend the Guarantee® with very broad coverage without deductible, even covering unintentional damage to the equipment );

The high quality of our services is confirmed by as many as 92% of satisfied customers. Enjoy your shopping!

Opening hours

Monday-Friday: 9:00-21:00
Saturday: 9:00-21:00
Sunday: 10:00-20:00


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