Home&you is a brand constantly following global interior trends. We offer high quality items at affordable prices. Home&you is a place for those who appreciate beauty and fashion in their home. Home&you shops are divided into 4 zones: living room, kitchen, bathroom and bedroom, where you will find collections of various styles to suit individual tastes. Elegance is an exclusive line for customers with refined taste. It consists of fashionable products in the colours of grey, silver and violet. Basic is a collection addressed to a wider audience. Its basic colours are beiges and browns with the addition of fashionable shades of green olive and fresh turquoise. Culture is a line inspired by travels, drawing on the heritage of distant cultures and styles. Always fashionable, it uses exotic design in a modern way.

Opening hours

Monday-Friday: 9:00-21:00
Saturday: 9:00-21:00
Sunday: 10:00-20:00


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