Our 20 years of jewelery experience allows us to create jewelery for every occasion. For years, we have been producing wedding rings, which are a symbol of love and a souvenir of a special wedding day. It is Goldrun Jeweler that designs, manufactures and sells original models of wedding rings. By purchasing our products, you can be sure that they will reach you straight from the manufacturer at the lowest prices on the market.
since 1996 we work in our own goldsmith workshop, where we create unique collections of gold jewelry that accompanies our customers at every stage of life – from the birth of a child and a souvenir of baptism, to Holy Communion, falling in love and engagement, wedding to the anniversaries of living together – Wedding Anniversaries.

Our Jeweler offers a wide selection of wedding rings, engagement rings, as well as gold and silver jewelry. The original collections of our wedding rings make this unique symbol of love steal your hearts at first sight. Engagement rings offered by Goldrun have the highest quality diamonds, and their brilliance will delight even the most demanding lover of a man’s heart. We have been making jewelry and wedding rings for over twenty years, and thousands of customers have trusted us. The Goldrun jeweler offers original rings straight from the manufacturer at the lowest prices on the market. We will create a unique model for you that will remain a souvenir of eternal love for the rest of your life.

We invite you to shop at Goldrun in Katowice, Galeria Katowicka!

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