Store Carry in our gallery is closed since 11.07.2022. Beneath you’ll find informations about addresses of another stores in the closest neighbourhood.

ul. Piotra Skargi 6
40-091 Katowice

Trasa Nikodema i Józefa Renców 30
40-878 Katowice

ul. Kościuszki 229
40-600 Katowice

List of Carry stores is available on website:

Another stores with similar assortment you’ll find in fashion category.

CARRY is casual fashion for women, men and children – each season modern in detail and colour. CARRY is also a clothing brand for people who value quality and comfort at reasonable price. Our clothing collections combine a variety of fabrics and interesting cuts, maintaining a casual style and exceptional comfort.

The CARRY brand has been on the market since 1991, currently it has over 100 shops in Poland.