The latest offer of the brand is a continuation of the RETRO FUTURE style. Together with our designers we have transferred fabric patterns from the past years to present them in a contemporary tailoring edition. We have combined what we long for with what we would not be able to give up nowadays. Patterns of fabrics in line with current trends and comfort of modern cuts – this was our goal.

When creating the collection, we believed that we could take a sentimental journey back in time to the 1980s, while not giving up what we love today. We took a fresh look at spending time by the pool, which we documented with a series of analogue photographs by Stanisław Boniecki and vintage-style film by Marcin Morawicki. The background is a modernist swimming pool, systemically integrated into the complex with a strong, geometric form that emphasises the art of modern tailoring by the Bytom brand.

Stylizations proposed for the spring-summer 2021 season are full of eclectic combinations – formal style intertwines with casual. Pastel colours, subtle colour combinations, delicate washes combined with natural fabrics, such as linen and cotton are the colour essence of the collection.

For several years BYTOM has been consistently building its vision of smart casual. Products previously associated with formal wear, such as jumpers, jackets or suits, are becoming increasingly casual, partly thanks to their use of comfortable knitwear and structured (waffle) fabrics, such as seersucker. As a result, these products can easily be worn every day and not just occasionally. For example, a new suit made from knitted suit with a lightweight form-fitting jacket and trousers with an additional button in a sporty style. It will go perfectly with t-shirts and sneakers. The summer collection includes linen, airy suits, trousers, shorts or shirts.

For a sentimental journey to the 1980s in a modern version, we have developed a range of jackets, from striped and fine-striped models to those with micro patterns and interesting structures. All are made from cotton or blended with wool or linen. Styling in the RETRO FUTURE climate will be completed with shirts, polos and t-shirts, among which printed fabrics reign supreme. Stripes and stripes are important, and Hawaiian shirts with floral and abstract motifs are a total novelty.

When thinking about the 1980s, one cannot forget about denim, which is why BYTOM has expanded its denim offer in its spring-summer 2021 collection, presenting trousers in various shades, from broken white, through classic blue, to raw navy blue. The denim jacket or the white denim jacket, cut as a traditional katana, have not been forgotten either.

Memories can also be revived with a new edition of windcheaters – light jackets available in both pastel and vivid colours. For those who prefer classics, we have prepared a series of coats with traditional cut in casual colours, such as beige, orange or brick.

BYTOM has not forgotten about the summer edition of its MONOGRAM collection, which this time uses contrasting colours to build the essence of the collection – t-shirts, tracksuits, shorts and swimwear.

We invite you to join us on our journey and check what we have prepared for the spring-summer 2021 season in BYTOM stationary shops and at:

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