Galeria Katowicka provides 1,200 parking spaces located at two levels of the underground car park marked with colours: green (-2 level) and blue (-3 level).


Each parking space has an installed signal light which indicates availability. Green light means an available parking space, red light shows and occupied space and blue lights indicate parking spaces for disabled people.


The shoppers can access the underground car park from ul. Słowackiego or from both sides of the tunnel at ul. Dworcowa.


The exits at the -3 and -2 levels of the Galeria Katowicka car park lead to ul. Mikołowska and ul. Słowackiego.

Access to the car park when the shopping centre is closed: the shoppers should enter the car park using the elevator located at the Railway Station hall, behind the ticket offices. The elevator can take the shoppers to both levels of the shopping centre car park: -2 (green level) and -3 (blue level).

In order to exit the car park when the shopping centre is closed, you should head to the appropriate corridor, where the elevator to the Railway Station hall is located. At -2 level, the elevator is in B6 sector – the green lane leads to that elevator. At -3 level the elevator is located in F6 sector and the blue lane leads to that elevator.


From Monday to Sunday, between 7:00 hrs and 24:00 hrs, the first three hours of parking are FREE OF CHARGE.

Each additional hour of parking costs PLN 3.00.


Parking meters are located at each exit from the car park, on both levels. Please pay the fees before you leave. Payment – cash only. If you need any assistance, you can use the communication device installed on each parking meter in order to contact the car park service.


As of April 1, 2014, any person using the underground car park of Galeria Katowicka at night is welcome to leave their vehicle on level -2.

Level -2 can be accessed from Słowackiego Street and form the tunnel along Dworcowa Street (from Mikołowska Street side). This part of the Galeria Katowicka car park is open 24/7.

You are welcome to use the -3 level car park between 7:00 am and 10:00 pm.